Well, not really. So the Contra Costa Times reports that Morrison library will revive the Graphic Arts Loan Collection circulation program for the fall semester, a classy name for a collection that will let students check out signed copies of original works of art for all the glory of being used as dorm posters.

Sounds crazy, huh? Crazy awesome, maybe. Forget that life-sized poster of Samuel L. Jackson you see every time you wake up–now you can say good morning to the impossibilities of Escher, or the landscapes of Rembrandt or the … doodles of Miro.

Except there’s a catch. Pieces worth over $1000 are taken out of circulation and the lending period is only a semester. The trade-off is worth it, though, at least by Berkeley standards–apparently Cal is the only university to have a program like this.

If you do go, make sure to get there early–in the early days of the program, there were around 200 people waiting in the wee hours of the morning for open doors.

EDIT: Cal isn’t the only university that lends art to students, but one of a couple.

The dorm room as gallery [Contra Costa Times]

Jack Wang said:
Jun 24, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Oberlin College in Ohio has actually had an art loan program for decades. It’s $5 a semester and students can check out pieces from the circulating collections. One girl that was first in line got a Matisse.