Image by Mr. Wright

In case you missed it, we’ve pulled together snaps of Pride weekend in a scrapbook, if you will. Next time you’ll know better than the sit on your duff at home. Above, some pinky dykes on bikes start us off on our queer journey.

Image by atp_tyreseus

Trans March on Friday opened its stage to performers and character emcees to entertain crowds at Dolores Park.

Image by atp_tyreseus

Sentiments from the crowd, still Trans March. Fierce, cookie.

Image by SFBart

Onto Sunday’s pride parade, and well, that puts a new twist in the slogan.

Image by asilva

Ladies looking feroch. Do we see an uncanny resemblance to Pride celeb Charo?

Image by roens

It wouldn’t be a gay pride parade without giant walking golden penises. Thank goodness someone remembered to include them.

Image by Trevor Haldenby

These men appear to be flying the overly friendly skies. How do we get on board?

All image from Flickr under Creative Commons.


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