After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

Stephen Christman, a professor of behavioral psychology at the University of Toledo, analyzed hundreds of photos of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, and concluded that both men are naturally lefties. However, Obama’s displayed talent of eating pizza and sandwiches with his right hand may be the one-up that our country is looking for.

Christman claims that ambidextrous folks are more open and able to looking at both sides of an argument, while stronger lefties and rights are likelier to stick to their (dare we say it?) guns.

Oddly enough, while statistics show that the odds of lefty president are one in eight, left-handed leaders have actually handled 22 of America’s last 34 years of history. Jimmy Carter and Baby Bush were our only righties.

Frankly, we don’t care which hand the next chief in office uses to scratch his ass–just give us the guy that’ll bring our gas prices back down to where they belong.

Image Source: New Hampshire Public Radio under Creative Commons
Leading with their Left [Washington Post]

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Anonymous said:
Jul 5, 2008 at 7:58 pm

“…just give us the guy that’ll bring our gas prices back down to where they belong.”

I hate to break it to you, but gas prices aren’t gonna go back down because this is what the rest of the world pays for a dwindling resource.