Berkeley is home to a handful of breweries, some with their own pubs and others you luck out and find on tap at your local watering hole. Either way, if you’re of age (we’re looking at you, young’uns), you can be sure to enjoy one of the brews made within 10 minutes of your pad.

Trumer Pils Brauerei

Trumer is not a Berkeley native, but it is a welcome transplant in a sexy glass.

Located on 4th Street.

Bison Brewery

How can you say no to chocolate stout? (You can’t). Pick up a case at any local grocery store because this brewery unfortunately does not have its own pub.

Located on Telegraph Avenue.

Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse

So they’ve raised their prices. Bring extra dough, and you won’t regret it. The pub offers a great atmosphere for shooting the breeze with a rowdy gang of friends. Split a pitcher, and you’re golden.

Located on Shattuck Avenue.

Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse

Yelpers may not be into the food, but you’re not there for the food. Heck, even from the bottle the brew tastes great. You’ve seen ‘em around at parties, we sure: some gourmand who wouldn’t be caught dead with a Bud Light toting a pack of that sweet apricot kind. Is your mouth watering yet?

Located on Gilman Street.

Image Source: snickclunk under Creative Commons
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