This LA Times article about the latest earthquake findings may be a little too scientific for the average, blog-reading Joe, so let’s break it down for you: for the past few years, scientists have tested ultra-sensitive pressure detection devices in the San Andreas fault. So far, these devices possibly predicted two earthquakes–one measuring a magnitude 1, and the other measuring a magnitude 3–up to 10.5 hours before they both occurred. More experiments are necessary, however, before we can all jump for joy and confirm that the devices do, indeed, predict tremors with accuracy.

This is heartening news for Californians, especially those who fear the Big One that will supposedly give California a big wedgie when it shoves Los Angeles up near the Bay Area within the next three decades or so. It’s forecast to be our very own Hurricane Katrina, so it’d be awesome if the prediction device could be perfected like, now.

So send a note of encouragement to your local earthquake scientist–and if you see one at the supermarket, remember to smile. They just might be the ones who will save our lives when the tectonic time bomb goes boom.

Image Source: km6xo under Creative Commons
Findings could lead to earthquake prediction [LA Times]


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