On a day when most of Berkeley citizens’ eyes are on the current AFSCME strike that bubbles across campus, few are aware that the city just lost one of its “champion” councilmembers. Dona Spring had been in the hospital for the past week due to an extended illness, and was only 55 when she died Sunday afternoon.

According to the City Council District 4 website, she had 27 years of community service under her belt and acted as a strong proponent for public safety, affordable housing and the environment–and was also a “fighter for the disabled, for animal rights, her district and all Berkeley residents.” Additionally, Spring held a degree in anthropology and psychology from Cal.

The Clog sends our well wishes to her family and friends, along with our appreciation for her many contributions to the city.

EDIT: For updates and additions to this story, see the Daily Cal article.

Image Source: Julie Himes, Daily Cal
Berkeley City Councilmember Dies [Daily Cal]


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