In true French/Berkeley fashion, UC workers of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees storm the Bastille … err, protest with large white and red signs on campus today. Across from Caffe Strada, we bumped into a group and diligently took a flyer.

Last Friday, the Superior Court of San Francisco issued a restraining order against AFSCME’s planned strike for this week. Did they not get the TPS report? Berkeley’s PR machine, NewsCenter, made sure to point out that disciplinary action will follow if workers strike this week. Oh noes.

The Daily Cal reported that the workers intend to strike this week just to show the Man how important they really are.  But will they get fired for violating the court order?

UC spokesperson Nicole Savickas said although employees who strike will not necessarily be fired, they will face consequences from the court.

In the meantime, increase your reading speed! No, really. As we walked past the picket line to campus (c’mon, we had to get to the library), another flyer-person piggybacked on the UC worker and handed us a small tan flyer:

Learn how to read 2-3 times faster!!

Cut your study time in half!!

Make better grades!

That’s low, man, very low. We thought we were above all those sneaky flyering tricks. And here we thought we were educating ourselves in the call for a living wage.

Image Source: Christine Borden
Court issues restraining order against planned AFSCME strike [NewsCenter]
UC Workers’ Union Expected to Strike Despite Injunction [Daily Cal]


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