Tsinghua University

Remember the days when you could walk into a cafe, find a stranger to talk to and say, “isn’t it great how Cal produces more Ph.D. hopefuls for U.S. doctoral programs than any other university … in the WORLD?” Neither do we. But the point is that those days are over.

It’s not that we lost our No. 1 spot to Stanford or Harvard, which might be forgivable, but to two foreign institutions—Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, says The Mercury News.

How did this happen? Well, according to the National Science Foundation, the majority of doctorates—over 60 percent by our calculations—awarded in 2006 were in science or engineering. And it’s no secret that Americans are losing interest in science. The result? Americans aren’t very interested in harnessing the awesome power of an advanced science education.

If the newcomers decide to stay in the U.S. and maybe give our ailing economy a little boost, then we don’t mind that much. But what if they’re stealing our secret science knowledge for more Chinese uses?

In that case, we hope the Lawrence Hall of Science’s new strategy for generating interest in science is up to the task of competing with 1.3 billion Chinese.

Until we learn more, we’ll spend our summer blissfully not studying for the summer classes we aren’t taking—for better or worse.

Image Source: FHKE under Creative Commons
Chinese take lead from UC-Berkeley in producing Ph.D. hopefuls [The Mercury News]


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