The bad economy strikes again! Did you hear about the 600 “underperforming” U.S. Starbucks Coffee stores that are set to close sometime in the near future? Well, one of them is the Shattuck Avenue and Cedar Street branch, which isn’t really a big deal for students whose life depends on caramel macchiatos. The perpetually caffeinated student will still have the Starbucks at Oxford and Center Streets, thank goodness. Berkeley Hills yuppies and their ubiquitous three-wheeled strollers, however, must travel a little farther for their cup of corporate java.

In an extra twist of irony, the Berkeley branch that’s closing is the one closest to the original location for Peet’s Coffee and Tea. One point for local coffee shops!

In semi-related beverage news, Jamba Juice is handing out free BOGO coupons. And because we love our readers, we’re going to link you to where you can get one. You’re welcome.

Image Source: legge e mare under Creative Commons
Starbucks closest to original Peet’s store will close [SF Business Times]
Jamba – The Real Deal [Jamba Juice]

dfasdf said:
Jul 19, 2008 at 7:25 pm

is this love a platonic love, or a shared love between students for useful cupons that magically make good food a lot cheaper? thanks for the link.