So now that the sun is occasionally peeking out around the Bay Area, it’s time to lather on the block. A recent study from the Environmental Working Group, though, warns that sometimes our sunscreen doesn’t work the way we think it does. You’ll thank us after you read our handy guide.

Choose a Sunscreen With UVA and UVB Blockers

UVB rays are what make your skin burn; UVA will give you melanoma. Most sunscreen protect against sunburn when used correctly, but the EWG study found that many do no protect against skin cancer.

Reapply Like No Other

Sunscreen should be reapplied every 20 minutes if you’re sweaty/exercising. At the very least, you should reapply every two hours.

Don’t Sit Out Forever

Don’t think that wearing sunscreen is like living in a bubble. Prolonged exposure to the sun is just testing the limits of your block–overdo it, and you’re quite literally toast(ed).

As for SPF, there’s lots of speculation about that. Some say go 30 or above, others say that too high decreases the effectiveness of UVA protection. And what do we do? Wear jeans. All summer.

Image Source: Graham and Sheila under Creative Commons
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