While every other Berkeley grad schleps to law school, the state of California cries out for more physicians. Cue the plans for two new UC med schools. Neither will grace the Berkeley campus (thank goodness–there are enough people here as it is).

The two med schools (if everything gets greenlighted) will open at Riverside and Merced and use existing facilities in the areas. No more teaching hospitals for you–it’s off to the big boys’ club at clinics and hospitals. Plus the UC system can’t afford those kinds of smackeroos.

Riverside will open in 2012 and Merced in 2013, which makes it just about perfect for you incoming freshman. Want to study medicine in a place where there’s nothing better to do? Well, there’s already Irvine, but at least you’ll have two other choices!

Image Source: ernstl under Creative Commons
UC plans for 2 new medical schools [SF Chron]

Cristina Munoz, MD said:
Jul 23, 2008 at 6:27 am

Cal has had a medical school since 1972. The Joint Medical Program awards a masters degree in Health and Medical Sciences from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, and an MD degree from UCSF.
If you want to know the benefits of having a medical school on a university campus, and allowing medical students to learn from the rich academic offerings there, just look at their thesis projects. (They are easily found at http://jmp.berkeley.edu/about/jmp_brochure.pdf