Leave him alone! The latest report on the missing Rice University student states that he may be in Berkeley, but probably doesn’t want to be found. Well, that’s obvious, considering he had a book in his car about changing identities. There was another search today, but we’re not yet sure if it came up fruitful. [Mercury News]

A man who was suspected of injuring four people in a South Berkeley shooting surrendered. That’s one guy with a gun off the streets–out of how many? [Mercury News]

Hipsters are out of hand, and one Time Out New York writer has had enough of their pseudo-rebellious trends. We have, too–neon pink granny glasses and culturally appropriated accessories are so overplayed–but we’ll still wear them, because we’re ironic like that. [Time Out]

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karma pajama said:
Jul 28, 2008 at 2:54 pm

Yes, they should leave that Matt Wilson alone. His mother is now saying he is paranoid, etc. She has launched a national manhunt for him.

If you followed this story, she also first said he never used email or the internet, although that seems to be his thing. And she also said he had no facebook page, but he did. She then chagned his religion and political entries on his facebook, to whatever she thought was good. Good grief, no wonder he wants to get away.

Now, this self-promoting couple that runs this search thing is saying people are calling saying they have seen him. If these people are seeing him, they should call the police.

There is no reason to think this guy is paranoid, or depressed, or scraggly, or anything. He is a healthy young computer geek looking to get away. Can’t he just DO that?