We all remember how last fall’s football season went, so there’s no need for a recap. With that in mind, there are a few questions the team will need to answer fast. Most important, of course, is the question of quarterback.

It might be wrong to call Riley the “fan favorite”—but we also can’t forget the angry screams of “Put Riley in!” that happened more than a few times. Hopefully the campus-wide sense of apathy/resignation/anger that plagued the end of last season (in no small part due to QB woes) won’t come back to haunt us—anyone can tell you it won’t help.

And what about those tree-sitters? It’s been almost a year since the first fence around the grove went up in anticipation of the first game. Is it time to take it down? Whatever happens, we’ll watch and wait. Hopefully a good omen will come.

Image Source: Dinur under Creative Commons
Bears hope to avoid rift over quarterback competition [Chron]


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