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Wordscraper: We Can’t Believe It’s Not Scrabulous!

Posted By Christine Borden On Aug 5, 2008 @ 12:23 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

Someone over at The New York Times must have an impressive Scrabulous addiction. Monday, the paper discovered Wordscraper [1], another application created by the Agarwalla brothers (a.k.a. the creators of Scrabulous).

Apparently Wordscraper [2] is not new to Facebook, but now that Scrabulous is AWOL [3] from Facebook, it’s time to stick it to the man (Hasbro) and find new alternatives. Some fans are playing on the Scrabulous Website [4], some have crossed over to the darkside of the real Scrabble application and some other crafty ones have realized that you can make Wordscraper’s modifable playing board just like Scrabble’s.

While setting up the game to work just like Scrabble is a bit tedious, the application does offer more possibilities than Scrabulous. Players can place special markers (like double letter squares, triple word squares and even quadruple word squares) across the board, assign point values to lettered tiles and quantify the distribution of certain letters.

And what does Hasbro make of this new doppelganger? From NY Times:

Hasbro said through a public relations agency that it had no comment on Wordscraper. As for threads by Scrabulous fans to boycott Hasbro products, Gary Serby, a Hasbro spokesman, said by e-mail, “Hasbro does not think this will be an issue at all. Clearly, people are very passionate about the Scrabble brand.”

Hmm. We’re not so sure that people who boycott Scrabble/Hasbro are the right kind of “passionate” for the brand. We’re thinking “enraged,” “upset” and “angered” are better terms. Perhaps Hasbro needs to update their Scrabble dictionaries.

Image Source: kittenry [5] under Creative Commons
On Facebook, an 11-Letter Synonym for Scrabulous Turns Out to Be Wordscraper [NY Times [1]]
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