No, we don’t refer to the the tiny strip of grass on the northern stretch of Shattuck Avenue, where many foodies flock to show off their slices of Cheeseboard.

Rather, we speak of the median next to the Memorial Stadium oak grove, which boasts loitering hippies, tents and cardboard shacks instead of the comparably well-groomed Cheeseboard fanatics. With school set to start in a few weeks, the university really wants these squatters out–and they’re looking to the city for a little bit of help.

Unfortunately, the city isn’t really inclined to respond with any sort of action, citing the lack of a substantial safety hazard. We do admit, though, the campground and its inhabitants are quite distracting to motorists (including ourselves). As the median civilization grows ever larger, more campers do not care to use the freakin’ crosswalks. We can only imagine what it smells like up close.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
UC asks Berkeley to clear campers from median [SF Chronicle]


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