That’s quite a headline, eh? It’s even better as the title of the Summer Issue of Greater Good Magazine, in which some of academia’s great scientists explore the subject of racism and ways to overcome it. UC Berkeley professors Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton and Jennifer A. Chatman make appearances in the issue, discussing achievement gaps and workplace prejudice, respectively. Mendoza-Denton even provides a nostalgic visual of the DNA structure in front of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

So, are we born racist? The answer involves hard looks at neural responses in the amygdala, our emotional center. But considering Greater Good is published right here at Cal and aspires to highlight “ground breaking scientific research into the roots of compassion and altruism,” we assume the answer, if “yes,” is still quite hopeful.

Image Source: chrisjfry under Creative Commons
Greater Good Magazine – Summer 2008 [Greater Good]


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