Faculty Glade (a.k.a. 4.0 Hill) is too hilly, People’s Park is too hippie, and sidewalk picnics tend to turn into “34 Ways To Fry Your Ass.” However, after a Daily Cal “company picnic potluck,” we found that with a few “Why didn’t we think of that?” seeds of wisdom–a summer picnic on Memorial Glade can prove to be fun, easy and relaxing.

1. Bring Your Own Cup

Guests are quick to call dibs on bringing plates and utensils. Beverages are next on the list of almost-bringing-nothing-but-I’m-still-bringing-something. Really, though, we take these items for granted, because even if no one thinks of the spoons or apple juice–hands really are five-pronged forks, and we can save our spit ’til we find a drinking fountain. A smart picnic-goer, however, remembers to bring his or her own cup. There’s no way around sneaking a sip from the 2-liter store-brand, flat soda without everyone labeling you as a douchebag, but bring your own cup and folks will smile and say “That’s why you got into Berkeley!”

2. Watch Out for Land Mines

OK, so while it’s always a good idea to avoid land mines, caution on Memorial Glade should be more geared towards thick muddy puddles, dog poo and anthills. Muddy puddles can be deceiving, especially around this dry time of year, but they still water the grass everyday to keep it green. Duh.

3. Fruits Are a Surprising Hit

There’s no need to be the superstar of the group with your secret-recipe bomb-ass brownies or grandma’s souffle. A simple tray of seasonal fruit, or even a hand of bananas and a bag of apples is a surefire favorite. You can even go above and beyond and bring a jar of dipping peanut butter. Yum.

4. Kites Are for Dummies

Kidding. But if you’re going to bring an outdoor activity, opt for a frisbee, football or nice game of tug-of-war. Memorial Glade is surrounded on three sides by libraries and one side by Cal’s biggest (and ugliest) building. The only way you’re getting that kite off the ground is by running madly through other folks’ picnics and sunbaths. Otherwise, we don’t care where the wind blows, that kite ain’t going nowhere.

5. Grip Tape is for Picnic Tables

OK, not really. And OK, so you’re probably not going to haul an entire table to the middle of campus. If, however, you do decide to be as ambitious as our Daily Cal staff, we suggest you also bringing a non-slip tablecloth, lest you intend to quickly donate your foodstuffs to the neighborhood squirrels. We don’t know about your guest list, but Gravity made an appearance at today’s afternoon picnic. Haha.

Feel free to leave other tidbits of knowledge for future potential picnickers. And remember, class doesn’t start until 10 minutes after the top or bottom of the hour–so there’s always time for a quickie while on your way to Chem1A.

Image Source: Stewart under Creative Commons
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[...] of the area through November, according to the campus.  In the past, the glade has been a spot for picnics, frisbee and demonstrations by student groups, though students frequent the glade less often in the [...]