Nate Longshore claims that right now is the best part of his football career, and we have to ask, “Wait, what?” After last season’s spectacular second half, as well as a pulled pectoral muscle during spring training, this is the exact opposite attitude one would expect from Longshore.

But it might also be the only attitude—if he’s serious about Cal as an unstoppable (or at least very-hard-to-stop) football force. After all, extensive historical analysis has definitely proved that generals who keep spirited attitudes after losing half their battles end up as victorious conquerors (that wasn’t serious—but it might be true!)

Not to mention he also has to contend with Kevin Riley. Does Longshore’s optimism hint at some sort of secret weapon? Perhaps, but probably not. But maybe, just maybe … it’s the good omen we’ve been waiting for.

Image Source: Dinur under Creative Commons
Fresh start for Cal’s Longshore [Contra Costa Times]
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