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Scientist Rights Overtaking Animal Rights

Posted By Evante Garza-Licudine On Aug 14, 2008 @ 6:39 pm In News | Comments Disabled

The Daily Cal published an article today [1] about state assembly bill AB 2296, and the UC Berkeley NewsCenter reports [2] that it passed through the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.

Why is this so important, and what is the bill about? AB 2296 was born a few months ago as an attempt to provide law enforcement with new tools for fighting terrorism aimed at scientists who use animals in their research. Specifically, it hopes to make the publication of researchers’ personal information—such as photographs and address—illegal.

It comes at a particularly tense time, as terrorists attacked two UC Santa Cruz researchers on Aug. 2 in a startling display of ignorance over university research policy [3]. But it’s not over yet. The bill still needs to go through the Assembly Appropriations Committee before it’s heard on the legislature floor.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the passage of AB 2296, since it’s useless to hope that the ideologically obsessed will see the light of reason [4] anytime soon—if ever.

Image Source: fofurasfelina [5] under Creative Commons
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Bill Seeks to Protect Animal Researchers From Attack [Daily Cal [1]]
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