According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, an annual publication maintained by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, UC Berkeley placed third in the world in a list of university rankings.

First place went to Harvard while second went to our cardinal buddies across the bay, Stanford. While it’s no surprise Harvard placed first (with consistent placement every year that Wikipedia reports), Berkeley did manage to bump up from fourth since 2006.

A quick glance at the criteria convinced us of its legitimacy, because after all—you can’t have an objective system of measurement without numbers. And oh boy, does that list have numbers.

If you were pleasantly surprised at Berkeley’s placement with the ARWU, then whatever you do, don’t look at Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges List. We said don’t!

Image Source: John-Morgan under Creative Commons
Top 500 World Universities (1-100) [ARWU]


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