Sure, cooking brownies in the microwave is kinda miraculous, but maybe you’re living in an apartment this year. One with an actual oven/stove. Congratulations. You’ve graduated to almost real adult life. Now let’s learn how to cook.

Once you’re armed with the Joy of Cooking, you can just as easily thumb through the Internet to find your next meal. Culinary Web site Five Mushrooms is the Google of recipes. It searches through a variety of sites–, Yahoo! Food, Epicurious, Food Network–to find a multitude of recipes for your perusal.

You can use its search engine with the same tricks you use for Google. Some tips:

* Quote it if you want something specific: “coq au vin”

* Say you only have ground turkey, rice and a bell pepper. Search by ingredients as well. (A stuffed bell pepper would work nice, fyi).

* Search by website: type in “” for just those specific recipes.

* Allergic to nuts? Take them out of your salad. Type in “salad -nuts.”

You’re still welcome to your ramen, but your palate has got to grow up sometime. Trust us, your tummy will be so proud of you.

Image Source: ulterior epicure under Creative Commons
Five Mushrooms Searches Several Recipe Sites at Once [Lifehacker]
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A said:
Aug 22, 2008 at 11:18 am

Another great site for when you know ingredients but not end product: