Most Berkeleyans know Alice Waters pioneered “California cuisine” through Chez Panisse, but her championing of healthy foods for school-age children is no less a historical achievement: Observe Berkeley’s public schools, where food is made using many ingredients grown locally.

But rising food costs have made it increasingly harder for schools to serve better quality food than pizzas that rate 5 or more napkins on the grease scale.

Food costs, however, haven’t stopped San Francisco from keeping its ban on fast food in public schools despite federal support that is by far exceeded by rising prices.

Incidentally, the Chron says the USDA is collecting public opinion before the Child Nutrition Act is renewed next year—the same act that prompted President Johnson to remark “good nutrition is essential to good learning.” Yes, quite.

EDIT: For those interested, Slow Food Nation will take place in San Francisco this weekend.

Image Source: NatalieMaynor under Creative Commons
Now is the time to fight for better school food [Chron]

Mark said:
Oct 3, 2008 at 12:26 pm

There still is time to make comments and send them to the USDA.

For information on the Child Nutrition Act Reauthoriziation we have created a website. You can send a letter to the USDA here: