We’ll admit that we didn’t really give Yogurt Harmony a second glance, at first, since the unassuming “pastel minimalist” storefront looks just like every other Pinkberry-esque fro-yo place anywhere. It wasn’t until one of our fellow fro-yo snob friends recommended it that we even gave “Yo-Har” a fighting fro-yo chance.

It was worth it, but–surprisingly–not just for the yogurt. While Yogurt Harmony’s basic tart yogurt was unusually creamy and tasty, we don’t know if the slightly higher prices would make picking Yogurt Harmony over the billion or so other fro-yo places in the vicinity worth it. So what’s so great about Yogurt Harmony, then?

It’s called the Shaved Ice Bowl. Suffice to say, “Yo-Har” serves this monstrosity of a special that involves tons of frozen yogurt, three toppings of your choosing, and shaved ice, the real Hawaiian way (with red beans and condensed milk) on top of all that. Trust us–it’s frickin’ delicious.

Location: 2259 Shattuck Ave. (Near Kittredge.)
Price: About $7.00 for the Shaved Ice Bowl
Notes: If you get the aforementioned special, you might want to split with a friend. Or two. Or ten …

Image Source: Brian J. Won under Creative Commons
Yogurt Harmony [Chowhound]
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