Hey all you kids out there in cyberland! Welcome to this semester’s edition of “Who wants to work for the Daily Cal?” where we’ll answer all your questions about how to get involved with Berkeley’s oldest entirely student-run publication. (Not to mention its award-winning affiliated blog … Ahem, ahem!)

Recruitment meetings are scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 29 at 4 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 1 at 3 p.m. Meet in 600 Eshleman Hall (a.k.a. the Daily Cal’s world headquarters) where the various section editors will be on hand, and you can extract from them whatever tasty morsels of Daily Cal info you require to take the plunge and apply. (OK, within reason. Obviously.) Godspeed, young reader, and hope to see you there!

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Apply to the Daily Cal [Daily Cal]

Science itself has been dealt a harsh blow, placing the epistemological fabric of the entire universe in peril. You hopefully ask, “What’s the cause?” expecting to get out of that 3 hour physics lab on Friday. read more »

With all the campus tours, welcome activities, and CalSO counselors crawling the campus and resident halls, we’ve decided to take a break from all the “helpful tips you need to know about Cal.” Here, instead, are a few useless facts for the Fall 2008 semester.

*UCB currently boasts over 35,000 students, which is the equivalent size of some of the United States’ smallest cities (anyone ever hear of Fort Lee, NJ?).

*55 percent of the freshmen population are female, 42 percent of freshmen identify as Asian-American, and the most common names among the freshmen are Michael and Jessica.

*Jack Bauer (“Lost24″), Dr. Christina Yang (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Dr. Emmett Brown (“Back to the Future” trilogy) are all fictional UCB alumni.

*Our last count revealed 27 bear statues and images on and around campus. However, we lost count of unidentifiable modern art sculptures.

We at the Clog would like to wish all of you a hearty “Happy first day of the Fall 2008 semester!”

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CalSO [Web site]
UC-Berkeley students return to school[San Jose Mercury News]
List of University of California, Berkeley Alumni [Wikipedia]

Classes haven’t even started yet, and the Clog saw what we can only assume is the first protest of the year go through Upper Sproul Plaza and Sather Gate before disappearing into the rarely trodden north part of campus. We couldn’t make out much of the shouting, but it was probably about low wages, contracts, affirmative action or poverty.

Is there a possibility that the protest is related to the university-wide budget cuts? No. No there isn’t. But at least the freshmen got to see a piece of the “real” Berkeley. “Oh look! A protest! How Berkeley!”

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If you want the best deal in textbooks, you need to go online. Sure, you have to pay for shipping and you won’t necessarily get your books on time, but that’s why you can return your “loaners” back to Ned’s or the student store. Don’t be a clueless freshmen–get in the know!

Whether it’s Come Get Used, Amazon or Half that you prefer, we’ve got one better: Big Words. Big Words prowls those other sites and reports back to you on the best deals on the Web. It even tells you all the secret deals, like typing in “BIOLOGY” to get $10 off a $100+ order on Ned’s Web site.

Sometimes buying off a friend doesn’t pan out (and that’s really where you get the best deals). Enter the Web. Ooh. Shiny.

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Big Words [Web site]
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The Sacramento Bee reports that the administrations of UC Berkeley and Stanford University are “considering” backing an initiative that seeks to lower the legal drinking age to 18. If they decide to back the Amethyst Initiative, they will join over 100 other colleges that hope a revised age to lawfully get smashed, as it’s called in legal circles, will address widespread problems that exist with the current law. read more »

Most Berkeleyans know Alice Waters pioneered “California cuisine” through Chez Panisse, but her championing of healthy foods for school-age children is no less a historical achievement: Observe Berkeley’s public schools, where food is made using many ingredients grown locally.

But rising food costs have made it increasingly harder for schools to serve better quality food than pizzas that rate 5 or more napkins on the grease scale. read more »

Tedford announced the starting quarterback for Cal’s first football game of the season (Aug. 30!) against Michigan State, and it ain’t Longshore.

Tedford didn’t explain why he chose Riley instead, though. Could it be tied to Nate’s preseason happiness and possible (read: speculative) secret weapon? Is it all an elaborate plot? Conspiracy?! Conspiracu!

And besides, Tedford said Longshore will get to play against Michigan State, he just doesn’t know “exactly when.” So expect a lot of variability come next Saturday, and if all goes well, maybe another winning season.

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Tedford Names Riley Starter for Season Opener [Daily Cal]
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Too many books on your hands? or too many just sitting on your floor? Hang ‘em up!

You can make a book rack out of a cheap wire hanger–yes, a wire hanger. Basically, you’re turning a triangle into a rectangle with a few well placed bends.

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Remember when Tommy Lee and a massive production team came to Berkeley for an “impromptu” jam session, with the intent of airing it on previously unknown channel, Planet Green? Well, the Berkeley episode just aired, though clips have yet to be found on YouTube. Also, the episode apparently isn’t Berkeley-centric, as we presumed. However, Planet Green’s website does give a shout-out to UC Berkeley and our very own Sigma Pi Fraternity, Iota Chapter. From the website for the episode entitled “Trash Talkin’”:

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