Robbers crawled through an open window in a Clark Kerr dorm last night, which immediately begs two questions.  One: whose brilliant idea was it to build ground-floor Clark Kerr windows so big and wide that six-footers can just sail right through them?  Two, which in retrospect isn’t so surprising considering point one: dangerous criminal people with guns are targeting dorms now?

Police officials are feeling the shock too.  The four students whose dormitory was broken into were apparently ordered to give up laptops and wallets at gun-point. The assailants left with one of each and have not been apprehended.  None of the students were injured.  We direct our most sincere expressions of gratitude heavenward.

Image Source: macwagen under Creative Commons
Police Seek Two Suspects Following Clark Kerr Armed Robbery [Daily Cal]

The Clog smelled new blood at the Daily Cal — OK, given the context of this post, that’s a distasteful metaphor. We digress. Kristine deGuzman, the Daily Cal’s new anything-sex-related correspondent, made her first appearance in today’s issue. We just couldn’t wait to jump on her with our burning questions.

April Isabel Angeles: Did you have one gigantic, climactic epitome that led you to apply for this – shall we say – position?
Kristine deGuzman: I wouldn’t say it was one gigantic climax, it was more like a gradual, yet pleasurable build-up…you know, as most female G-spot orgasms are.

AIA: Speaking of which, what is your favorite position? Feel free to interpret this question as it pleases you.
KD: Hmm, good question. I like being on top, on bottom, and sometimes bent over. Feel free to interpret this answer as it pleases you.

AIA: Do you have a target audience in mind when you write your columns?
KD: Yeah, I normally write for people who either have sex, would like to have sex, will eventually have sex, are thinking about having sex, or who just think about sex.

AIA: How do you feel about sharing all your tips and tricks to readers?
KD: It gets me off. read more »

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, who made a bold choice to legalize gay marriage in his city, leading to over 3,000 same-sex couples to marry in San Francisco back in ’04 when they could only legally get a “civil union,” is now coming to our home turf to lead a rally in opposition to Prop 8.

The event will take place Friday, October 3rd on Upper Sproul from 12:30 to 1:45pm and will include student speakers, community members and local politicians speaking about the issue. And yet another man who scandalized the country will lead a rally to support something controversial on the steps of Sproul, and so the Berkeley legacy continues.

And check out our post on Prop. 8 from earlier this week.

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The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage [San Francisco Chronicle]

Wow, already? The spring 2009 schedule of classes is up (thanks, LiveJournal). Of course, being so early in the game, there’s not much info besides the class title and professor. Nevertheless, it’s never too early to start your scheming.

On Oct. 6, you’ll find out your Phase I allotted time on Tele-BEARS (didn’t we just drop our last class?). Phase I will start Oct. 20, with Phase II following up on Nov. 12. Scary, ain’t it?

Image Source: fuzheado under Creative Commons
Spring 2009 [Online Schedule of Classes]
via UCB LJ

Overpriced hot dogs, over-salted peanuts, over-cheesed nachos and other unhealthy, greasy staples of every stadium across the nation which generally only appeal to us as impulse buys, will now be available to football fans without even leaving their seats. That’s right, welcome to the 21st century: Stadium snacks are now premeditated, or at least that’s how it is when you attend a private university in LA.

With the help of Moccasio, a new business founded by for whom Henry West–a senior majoring in economics at USC–is a student advisor, stadium-goers can skip the long concession lines and just text their order without ever moving. After a payment is made over the phone, the order is received by a Moccasio worker (all USC students), and the grub can be picked up from any of the concession stands via a special texters-only line. Ha! Take that students without a texting plan!

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We couldn’t make it over to the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade earlier today, but we sent spies in our stead. And now, for your viewing pleasure: Berkeley. In full form.

"Dr. Strange-McCain." Hardy har. Except "McCain" isn't "love" in German. read more »

Fun fact: During a home football game, one of the safest places to be in Memorial Stadium while an earthquake shakes the game up is the student section, while one of the least safe is the alumni section. But all that might change if a team of San Francisco engineers is correct about their plastic plan to retrofit the stadium.

In short, the plan calls for Memorial Stadium to be partitioned into blocks that will rest on plastic sheets, hopefully preserving the structural integrity (for the most part) of the stadium after the quake—even if that means the people on the blocks might be seated a little differently, according to the project’s lead engineer.

What’s the price tag? Around $160 million, give or take a few million. But it’s worth it to protect what is “widely considered the most beautiful college football venue in the country,” yeah?

Image Source: Hitchster under Creative Commons
Retrofit plan to ride out quake at Cal stadium [Chron]

Peet’s Coffee may call Berkeley home, but we gladly shell out for a cup of Blue Bottle’s joe. Blue Bottle Coffee Company is all about freshness, starting with organic beans and ending with a super fresh roast. The creme de la creme of restaurants and eateries across the Bay Area serve only Blue Bottle, because it’s just that good.

We’re only familiar with the Retrofit roast, which is mild with a slight caramel taste, but most of the roasts are robust and pack quite the caffeine punch. Espresso drinks pulled from Blue Bottle beans need no sugar or extra flavoring, and even a black cup of coffee delivers all the sweetness you need. In life after Blue Bottle, you realize that you don’t need to add any mocha or whipped cream or caramel to a good drink.

Location: Tuesday (espresso) and Saturday (coffee) Berkeley Farmers’ Markets
Price: $2 to $4, depending on what you order
Notes: There’s even a list of BB-friendly restaurants and eateries.

Image Source: letouj under Creative Commons
Blue Bottle Coffee Company [Web site]
Earlier: Yogurt Harmony, Sunshine, Butterflies, Etc.

Normally we wouldn’t have two Mailbags in two consecutive weeks, but we couldn’t resist this time around. We just love you guys that much!

First off, I think we need to make something clear: read more »

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

Clown fetishists rejoice! (C’mon, we know you’re out there … ) Graduates from the San Francisco Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory have put together a sexy calendar just for you–and whoever else wants to contribute to the Judy Finelli Fund for Multiple Sclerosis advocacy.

Yes, San Francisco has a clown conservatory, and yes, we said “sexy.” Because these aren’t your average, run of the mill clowns–they’re San Francisco clowns. read more »

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