Talk is cheap. "Altercation between Berkeley tree-sitters and tree trimmers on August 21, 2008"

It has been an emotional weekend for many at the foot of Oak Grove. Arborists have removed 35 of 42 trees as of Saturday, and are expected to cut down all but one redwood by today’s end.

Our redwood denizens no longer will receive adequate water and nutrition which the university has provided for 21 months. As of Friday, four tree-sitters remained with only one liter of water “to share”. We wonder if the heat will cause the tree-sitters to worry about their redwood’s thirst. UCB claims to have no plans of forcibly removing the tree-dwellers. We think the university is waiting for them to ripen and fall.

Updates on construction of the new project, which begins Monday, are to follow. In the meantime, check out the new signs that are making appearances alongside the usual hand-painted hemp banners:

Image Source: ingridtaylar under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Grove cleared of most trees [SFGate]
Free Firewood at Oak Grove [YouTube]


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