Last week, as promised, two Cloggers attended the swankiest party the Clog has ever been invited to. After copious amounts of speculation about the precise meaning of “Semi-formal/cocktail attire” and “food will be provided,” cloggers Jill and Danica hopped on the F bus to downtown Bar and Restaurant. (And no, that wasn’t a typo, you capitalization Nazi.)

There, we were warmly greeted by BARE Magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, Doreen Bloch, who ushered us into the private party room, where we were warmly greeted by gourmet pizza, salad, dessert and these truly addictive fried olives. Seriously, we’re not even just saying the food was good because it was free. It really was tasty. Though–to be fair–it was also free.

Anyway, the evening passed pleasantly. Photos were taken. The new issue of BARE was ogled. Fashionably dressed people schmoozed and networked. We commiserated with our fellow student publishers from Squelch (Ohmigod, Squelch!) and the BARE blog.

We talked to Ms. Bloch about how she got her brainchild off the ground as a mere freshman, and how she somehow managed to convince downtown Bar and Restaurant to advertise in the magazine and throw her and about 50 other people a very classy party. (One word: Haas.) We were impressed.

Then, tragedy struck, swiftly, like a burglar in the night. First, a routine trip to the restroom went horribly awry when one extremely inept clogger smashed her finger a stall door crack. (Please, don’t ask. It really hurt.) Then, as the Clog was still licking its ladies’ room-inflicted wounds, a certain other clogger lost the raffle–did we mention the raffles?–for a week’s worth of garlic rolls from Tomatina, despite having something like a one-in-three chance at winning. Ah, ’twas a cruel trick of fate, indeed.

The night ended on a high note, though, as we overcame adversity and departed, copies of the latest issue of BARE in hand.

Oh, and the magazine itself? A little heavy-handed with the issue’s fashion in politics theme, but pretty polished, nonetheless, given the small staff entirely comprised of students. So, definite props to Doreen Bloch and the rest of the BARE crew. Putting together a whole fashion mag sounds like a shit-ton of work, if you ask us. You can find out where to get your copy of BARE Magazine’s latest issue here.

Image Source: Nathan Yan, Courtesy of BARE Magazine, Jill Cowan
BARE Magazine [Blog]


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