If you live in a co-op or work while in school, you totally know where we’re coming from: It ain’t cool to steal other people’s food. Period.

While we’ve never had anyone sneak a bite of our own ham and cheese, it’s certainly not uncommon, especially in office environments with fridges in the break room.

Lifehacker has a good trick to cheating the thief: Disguise your sandwich. Create an anti-theft plastic bag by mimicking mold spores on the transparent plastic. Spray paint would work best, but we’re sure you crafty Berkeley students can come up with more methods of attack. (It’s worth noting, though, that the sandwich could potentially be thrown away by a well-meaning coworker.)

And what if the devil glutton is stealing more than just sandwiches?

In the co-ops, we’ve experienced both food and alcohol theft. Take a tip from the veteran, and don’t be afraid to be ruthless and cruel. Here are some defenses that have worked for us:

* Plastic wrap. The more layers the thief has to go through, the less likely they’ll want to bother themselves with your food.

* Hide your food. Tuck your milk into a deep crevice of the fridge. Transfer your cheese into an old yogurt container. Just don’t forget where you put it all!

* Buy weird food. We once knew a girl who only ate “vegan” sugar. WTF is that anyway? Try seaweed (especially delicious if it’s slightly spicy), food with foreign packaging or whole coffee beans instead of ground. Vegemite is also equally disgusting to people unfamiliar to it.

* Booby-traps. Oh yes, sometimes it comes down to this. Wine snatcher? Take an old bottle of red and fill with grape juice (better if it’s concentrate) and red wine vinegar combo. Ha! How about them apples now, jerk?

Other tips are also appreciated, but we think you get our drift.

Image Source: Many Cats 4 Me under Creative Commons
Anti-Theft Lunch Bag Deters Sandwich Thieves [Lifehacker]
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Jo said:
Sep 18, 2008 at 7:39 pm

Good idea. thankx

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