Free computer access in the MLK Student Union went kerplutz when campus officials declined to fix a couple of broken CampusLink terminals last weekend. Those are the nifty, open-to-public computers near the Cal student store that invite vandalism, indiscriminate urination, and defacement of school property by vandals and vagrants that come in off the streets, said the university.

“One of the issues was that it’s a public open space being used by nonstudents who tend to sit there and take up a lot of time on the computer,” CEO Bill Haynor of CampusLink told the Berkeley Daily Planet. “I think the university was not happy with that. We have been at UC Berkeley for seven years, but this is the first time they shut us down.”

Haynor also said that the shut down may have to do with students using the computers to surf the internet for porn, when they weren’t using them to level up their fierce warrior gremlins.

Image Source: inky under Creative Commons
UC Shuts Down CampusLink’s Free Public Internet Access [Berkeley Daily Planet]

adfadsf said:
Sep 18, 2008 at 10:53 pm

in moffit at the computer terminals during finals last semester i remember working at a computer, and up a row ahead was this old dude flipping between some documents and porn.

it was weird, especially since you know that they must be UC staff or something in order to get into moffit (with the ID thing).