If you’re one of the cool people who changed CalMail settings to automatically forward stuff to your personal e-mail, you’ve probably already read the “Important Updates From Your Student Government” message. While it doesn’t qualify as a block of text, it definitely retains some properties—the Clog decided to spare you the trouble and time (You can’t be spending time reading e-mails what with all the procrastinating for that math quiz tomorrow) and break it down to the important pieces.

*The ASUC wants student opinion on rebuilding the Student Union Plaza, apparently the only part of campus “owned” by students. Says the e-mail, “the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and Eschelman Hall …  has recently fallen into disrepair and many of these buildings are seismically unsafe.” Fun fact: Eshleman Hall is apparently the most seismically unsafe of all campus buildings, but the Clog heard thirdhand that there are plans to keep the Daily Cal in operation should The Big One hit (likelihood: 99.7 percent within 30 years).

*They’re also planning on adding audio to ASUC meeting webcasts and upgrading their main site. They are, after all, in control of quite a bit of money—more transparency would not be bad.

*Most of the message is about increasing student participation in the ASUC: lowering average textbook cost through Bookswap, a call for more Student Advocate caseworkers who are supposed to help students with paperwork and adminsitrative problems, and better student representation through “representative appointments to key committees.”

All told the e-mail doesn’t seem anything special, though Beetle‘s defunct blog would be better suited for an analysis—maybe there’s a hidden message about budget cuts halting all the ASUC’s proposals?

Image Source: KrisFricke under Creative Commons
ASUC video [CalTV]


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