We broke into song and dance with the final tree-sitters’ descent nearly a month ago. Anyone with their eye on the game this afternoon was reminded of this fateful day at Memorial Stadium.

The UCPD officers most involved with the 21-month charade were recognized for their perilous acts in the line of duty — and by recognized, we do mean hailed, cheered, and adored by some 6,000 sweaty bodies of testosterone and pigskin hype. The police officers took the field during a pause in Cal’s domination (more or less) over Arizona State, and the roar that filled the stadium was, admittedly, a bit sickening.

Don’t get us wrong, we were counting down the tree-sitters’ last days, too, but here’s a thought: Hippies are people, too. Smelly and odd as they may be. Behaving like animals and rubbing their noses in our victory may have been a bit much on our side.

But then again, this is college football, and we are the Bears. Grrrr …

Stay tuned for plans to raise sub-squillion dollars in future Cal Athletics fund raising.

Image Source: dboy under Creative Commons, edited by April Isabel Angeles
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