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New Study Says Nerds Are Sexy

Posted By Ruby Elizabeth Lee On Oct 9, 2008 @ 8:02 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

So maybe becoming an EECS or Math major no longer means choosing an awkward, sexless, and sunshine-deprived existence. In fact, it may just mean you’ll be the one to snag the hot girl at the party, that is, if you, uh, actually go to them.

According to a life-changing new study out of the department of Psychology [2]at UC Davis [3], women go for more than just good looks (gasp). Apparently, something like survival-of-the-smartest kicks in when a woman meets a man, and she considers how his intelligence level might affect the kind of genes he may pass to their future progeny.

Obviously, the nerdy guy has more evolutionary [4] potential and might even make a better party hook-up, than say, douche-y, decent-looking frat guy, or so says the study. That being said, the study also upheld the notion that looks do count for something. Basically, if you want your legacy to live on, you can’t be a dolt, but you also can’t be completely trollish.

In case you’re wondering what kind of scientific study yielded these results, videos were made of male volunteers who were told to read news reports, explain why they would be a good date, and discuss the idea of life on Mars. They also threw and caught a Frisbee to parade to show the intensity of their physical prowess and took a quantitative test of verbal intelligence.

More than 200 women watched a series of these videos before rating each man’s intelligence, attractiveness, creativity and appeal for a hook-up or a long-term relationship (um, awkward?). The smart man apparently scored better on both fronts. So Berkeley students, cast off thy goggles and embrace your fellow nerd, literally. They may just be more attractive than you gave them credit for.

Image Source: bayat [5] under Creative Commons
Nerds rejoice: Braininess boosts likelihood of sex [NewScientist] [6]

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