The only time that we’re up and about at 8:00 a.m. on Telegraph Avenue, we’re still half asleep and trying to remember why we enrolled in such an early class.

So when, exactly, does Moolicious intend on roping in breakfast-starved students?

At any rate, our only job is to speak from the palate. We weren’t too excited about paying $3.50 for a bowl of cereal, regardless of how big the serving or what kind of magical mixture was conjured to earn it such a name as “The Good Life”.

Instead, we sunk our sweet tooth in a sandwich of Cheerios, Nutella, and raspberry jam. Delectable–sweet, crunchy, not too gushy and all contained in one little sandwich. Yet not too little … we had to doggie-bag the other half of the entree to save for dinner (yes, dinner. Don’t judge our fat-ridden diet).

On another day, we grabbed a spoon with the full intention of checking out the hubbub of a Moolicious bowl of cereal, yet left instead with a hearty cup of chocolate ice cream infused with chocolatey cereals. Quite a refreshing break from all the Berkeley frozen yogurt.

It’s good. What can we say? They boast over 40 different brands of cereal and 30 different toppings (including sweets, nuts and fruits) to mix and match in a bowl, between two slices of bread or atop a serving of salad. They offer both healthy food choices and very unhealthy (mmm.. sugar coated cereal topped with chocolate chips and M&M’s) food choices. Some argue that it’s not worth the buy because one could just as easily throw together a similar concoction at home, but we wonder what kind of student has a personal commissary of such capacity.

All in all, stop in at Moolicious if you’re hungry, but not “real food”-hungry, and if you’ve got spare change in your pocket, but only if that spare change amounts to $2-$4.

Location: Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way
Price: $2 for ice cream, between $3-$4 for anything else

Image Source: April Isabel Angeles


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