Earlier this month, Berkeley researchers found that Californians are (literally) by blood, more fire-proof than people from the rest of the United States. The study also conclusively proved that Californians generally have X-ray vision, can climb up walls and can fly. Basically, they found that Californians are superheroes.

OK, so none of that is exactly true. However, researchers did actually find that Californians have approximately twice the concentrations of flame retardants flowin’ in their bloodz as average Americans. Cool fun fact, right?

Like, totally!–Except for the fact that these flame retardants happen to be toxic chemicals that will royally muck up your endocrine system, give you cancer, and–oh yeah, we almost forgot–they don’t even make you invincible. Can we get a “Hiss, hiss! Boo?”

It turns out we do it to ourselves. Thanks to Technical Bulletin 117, a cancer-spawning legislative remnant of the 1970s, furniture manufacturers are required to “pump flame retardants into furniture” so that it will “withstand at least 12 seconds of open flame without catching on fire.” The chemicals can then enter the body when you lick your sofa or otherwise come into direct contact with couch dust.

Legislators are now trying to ban such harmful chemicals, but in the meantime, we wouldn’t recommend walking around naked in your living room.

Study: Californians Have High Flame Retardant Amounts in Their Blood [Daily Cal]

dimb adn dumber said:
Oct 19, 2008 at 4:04 am

they found that Californians are superheroes [ superhumans] .

“It turns out we do it to ourselves.”

actually we get all of China’s smogg, they have tracked it going from Beijing across ol’ big blue Pacific and down under the Golden gate — onto the bay shores and into your lungs, New York, Boston, Philly and Miami are safe zones.

“Legislators are now trying to ban such harmful chemicals”

Yes, lets ban China. I’m sure the govonator will sign the bill.