This Halloween, it’s the Great ASUC, Charlie Brown! On Wednesday, senators proposed a bill “In Support of the Halloween Meeting.” (And now we understand why ASUC meetings take 12 hours … )

The bill states, ” … WHEREAS, one of the main missions of this year’s Senate is to both increase outreach for the ASUC as well as accessibility and transparency for ASUC Senate meetings … THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the October 29th meeting of the ASUC Senate be declared the “Halloween Meeting” … ”

The bill goes on to encourage all ASUC senators and executives to “bring candy and food for guests and elected officials to ‘trick-or-treat’” and to come in costume. It also goes on to “condemn anyone who either votes against this bill or does not participate in the Halloween festivities as ‘depressing nihilistic party poopers.’”

Because the prospect of having members of the ASUC dressed as Sexy Firefighters and Sarah Palin hand us Tootsie Rolls and Jolly Ranchers totally outweighs the fact that we’d be at an ASUC meeting. (Eye roll.) We guess we’ll give them points for trying?

We suppose it should make things slightly more interesting for the people who’d have to attend anyway and we can certainly get behind any opportunity to use the phrase “nihilistic party poopers,” but the Clog thinks it’ll sit this one out–too much trick, not enough treat. Know what we mean?

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
ASUC Senate Faces Stalemates [Daily Cal]
ASUC Documentation [ASUC Web site]


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