PETA’s never-ceasing campaign for light and goodness continues this year with its annual competition to find the country’s crop of the most vegetarian-friendly colleges.

Berkeley has a fine tradition to uphold, what with its concentrations of vegetarian restaurants and the limpid-eyed daisy-twirlers who flock to nibble daintily upon baby carrots within them. So vote away! We placed last year too, and the first round competition this time around ain’t nothing we couldn’t steamroll in a sec. (For the record, those’re UC Santa Cruz, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and UCLA. Whose asses, we might add, just got handed to them by the Cal football team. Go bears?)

Hilariously, the Peta2 website observes that

… [it's natural for] a school integral to the protest movements of the ’60s … [to] continue the legacy by standing up to corporate meat mongers. Students’ brains are fueled by Tofu Scramble, Vegan Meatloaf, and Hazelnut Cutlets, among other fabulous foods.

Are you kidding? We still have nightmares about the tofu pizza.

Image Source: crankymediaguy under Creative Commons
Vote Not for peta2′s Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges 2008 [Peta2]


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