Yesterday the Daily Cal exploded endorsements for the 2008 election, and when we say ‘sploded, we mean it. Below, we’ve transcribed the notable for the Berkeley Ballot, but the Web site has the full list, including all the arguments and justifications. Keep in mind that the Daily Cal also has a directory of voter resources and information on state propositions.

Barack Obama (that one came out of left field)

Berkeley Mayor
Tom Bates (maybe a defense against past mishaps)

State Propositions
1A: Yes
2: Yes
3: Yes
4: No
5: Yes
6: No
7: No
8: No
9: No
10: No
11: Yes
12: Yes

Image Source: Daily Cal, edited by Christine Borden
The Daily Californian General Election Endorsements: Overview [Daily Cal]
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adfadsf said:
Oct 29, 2008 at 5:34 pm

i’m against the animal one. no one knows how to run an efficient chicken farm more than the farmers. i say, let them do their jobs.

there’s the issue of humane treatment, but these chickens are born to be eaten. the world can’t be perfect. we try to make things as nice/fuzzy as we can, but in the end even if these chickens are given that little extra space, they will always be in cages (aka an unstimulating environment). if this thing gets passed, then to purchase cheaper chicken californians would have to buy outside of the state, which = higher price for those chicken strips.

“Cramming thousands of animals into too little space jeopardizes food safety, increasing the feasibility for contaminants like salmonella to spread. “-Daily Cal
The flip side of this is that if chickens are allowed to interact, they’ll most likely fight and scratch each other to death (reason why chickens get de-beaked?), which equals a greater risk to the spread of various infections.

” And changes do not have to be made until 2015, providing ample transition time and quelling the fear that this new system will drive farmers out of the state.”
- Not really. 2015 may seem like a long time away, but it can take years for farmers to find the money and time and land to expand/fix their facilities. a lot of farmers will probably go out of business, especially the smaller businesses.

“The proposal is backed by various experts in the agricultural industry who know first-hand that hens cannot survive in cages with dimensions smaller than that of a sheet of paper. ”
-Were these hens ever meant for survival?

I’m sad to say, but the daily cal seems to me, to insufficiently address this proposition. that’s my two pennies.

what’s sad about this issue is that there are more important ones out there, like the illegal farmers working in the fields. seems like no one cares about them. we care about chickens more than people. :(

In other news, when ever i think of the cdaily clog, i think of the word flog. and when i think of the daily clog and ‘flog’ together, i think of the daily clog flogging the news that it turns into slightly satirical material. i thought it was an interesting thought. yay!

Blobber said:
Oct 29, 2008 at 5:55 pm

“Obama has conducted an upright campaign,”

Daily Cal, on why they chose Barry.

Obama threw his best friend former Rev. Jeremiah Wright under a buss. That is a serious character flaw. Obama claimed over and over that this was his good friend, then denounced him on national TV. Character counts in my opinion. You never, ever, throw your friends under a buss.

“Obama has conducted an upright campaign,”

except for attacking Joe the Plumber because he asked a legitimate question, or Palin’s email account by a teenage Democratic officer, or the misogynistic rants against a female running for v.p. Or finding out that Obama singed a $1.6 million book deal not telling the Congressional entry committee before he moved into Washington, along with the facts that he claims family to be the most important thing for Americans but his aunt lives in NY slums (yahoo news) and his brother lives in a Kenyan slum ( or that he dished his grandmother in a news conference or that his award winning ( Time Mag.) book ” “Dreams From My Father (1995)” had been scholastically scrutinized ( at least 5 University professors) and appears that William Ayers wrote it or he had copied freely from Ayers “Fugitive Days,” and a host of other character issues — otherwise his campaign has been upright.

“Barack Obama (that one came out of left field)”


Gordon said:
Oct 30, 2008 at 8:34 pm

“Out of left field.” Oh, you guys crack me up. What a knee-slapper.