After months of sustained pressure from local Marine recruiters carrying signs, chanting, blocking sidewalk traffic and demanding designated parking spots, the Albany office of activist group Code Pink finally capitulated and closed its doors in surrender.

Oh, wait. Sorry. That’s actually not even close to true. Apparently, the Code Pink ladies were simply too busy saving the world and stuff to worry their do-gooder heads about fundraising. Also, they don’t receive any rent monies from their supposed national affiliate, Code Pink Women for Peace. Thus, they had no choice but to close up their headquarters. Hm.

Despite the setback, lovers of justice and light need not be alarmed–Code Pinkers said they don’t plan on easing up on the Man anytime soon, and they’ll continue their relentless crusade against Shattuck Avenue’s resident evil like nothing’s amiss.

Image Source: Daily Cal, Chris Chung
Lacking Funds, Code Pink to Close East Bay Office [Daily Cal]


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