While Jason Mraz captivated fangirls with his sensual cooing at the Greek Theater, across the street at the Haas School of Business was Wonderfest, a.k.a. The San Francisco Bay Area Festival of Science. The festival was a hot spot for lovers of the touchy-feely side of science with art displays and crafts, lectures on extraterrestrials and dreams and scienctific stand-up comedy.

We were only able to attend one lecture entitled “Are Dreams Psychologically Significant?” only to find an overall answer along the lines of “We don’t know. Uh, maybe?” Our favorite part was the story-telling of a man’s recurring nightmare of his penis being bitten off by a bear. The following are stolen moments from the lecture.

The lecture room was standing room only by the time we arrived, although we counted a few sleepers scattered about the audience. Live models, perhaps?

Sign reads: “Truth is a great flirt.” We wonder how many brain cells were donated to Science to come up with that slogan.

We hoped this slide did not offended any blind audience members with the suggestion of them being as different from us as “babies” and “primates”, but seeing (ha) as how there was no verbal mention of this bullet point, they probably paid it no mind.

Image Source: wadem under Creative Commons, April Isabel Angeles
Wonderfest [Web site]

Ian said:
Nov 3, 2008 at 1:50 pm

those slides are hideous.