We’re a little bit late reporting, but we thought this was too Clog-worthy to just forget about. The Junkyard Ghost Revival, a group of three national and world multi-champion poets graced the stage of Wheeler last Thursday as part of a poetic whirlwind tour across America (yep, even Alaska). Their flyer promised “the ultimate plugged in spoken word experience” and their website describes them as a “verbal circus.” So basically we imagined poetry, music, maybe some juggling.

What we didn’t expect was poetry that sounded more like Broadway, miniature piano accompaniment and an explanation of how to play “Sandwich Karate.” The show started off with some poems by various Cal Slam champs then quickly transformed into something we can only call a “poetry theater,” with a seamless musical and poetic fusion. At one point the audience was even invited to partake in a “30 second dance party” in their seats.

Eventually the poetry theater transformed into more of a poetic stand-up improv show with “poetry sketches” like imaginary theme songs for nonexistent cartoons, one-line poems and anecdotes from their experience touring the nation. Overall, the show was basically like the Saturday Night Live of spoken word poetry, except there was not one mention of Sarah Palin.

Derrick Brown – Solomon Sparrows Electric Whale Revival [YouTube]
Junkyard Ghost Revival [Web site]


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