As campuses across the nation celebrated Obama’s victory with chanting, marching and other merriment in the streets, over 2,000 angered citizens of San Francisco attended a candlelight vigil yesterday in front of City Hall organized by Marriage Equality California. Protesters held signs reading “I woke up with less rights than I had yesterday” and “Separation of hate and state. No on Prop 8!”

West Hollywood also held a rally with over 5,000 protesters, resulting in seven arrests and massive street blockage. The next day another 3,000 protesters marched near a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, to draw attention to the Mormon Church’s throwing mass quantities of moolah at the Prop 8 campaign.

But California wasn’t the only one to erupt in protest over the recent loss of civil rights, anti-same sex marriage initiatives passed in Florida and Arizona, and Arkansas voters approved a cruel measure, aimed at the LGBT community, banning unmarried couples from becoming adoptive or foster parents.

Image Source: brainchildvn under Creative Commons
Protests erupt over passage of Prop 8 []


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