Quotes from the Field are real quotes overheard by the Clog on and around campus. And if you’ve heard something stupid today, feel free to comment the love.

“Both of you have to be on the same wavelength and know it’s a date”

If she turns to you and voices any indication of sharing any wavelengths, particles or covalent bonds with you, buddy, forget ‘date’ … methinks it’s time to steal home base.

“You just made me yawn on the phone, I didn’t even know that was possible.”

Funny, yet cowardly, seeing as how the speaker faces no threat of one good face-slap.

“Hey! Fancy running into you here [at LeConte]. I just came from lab. You have class here?”

“Yeah, Econ!”


In this case, we felt the need to point out what wasn’t said: “Econ?! WTF? Physical Science eats soft Science wannabes for breakfast!”

Lastly, we’d like to leave you with a small anecdote:

“So I was walking, and there was this girl who was all ‘Oh my god, you have a puppy,’ and the guy with the dog was all suave and pretentious and he was like ‘Yeah, this is Atticus Finch,’ and I was like, wow, what a pretentious dog name.”

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