You know it’s getting time to sling out some line and reel in a new school of freshmen when the Berkeley news website starts putting up videos trumpeting Berkeley’s diversity and academic superiority and bureaucratic compassion, not to mention its, nudge nudge, gorgeous green lawns and peerless Californian sunshine. Observe! Sproul fountain spouts water. Also, people walk down streets.

Really, we applaud its ideals–among them the university’s emphasis on its holistic evaluation process, and the refutation of falsified impressions about the application procedure–but the video’s kinda the sanitized yawnfest you’d expect it to be.  But hey-at least there’s a nifty online aid Cal-culator to make it all better. Geddit?

Applying to Berkeley? [Berkeley News]

dumb adn dumber said:
Nov 12, 2008 at 8:31 pm

“Applying to Berkeley”

They did not have this when I applied.

After I got accepted, then they sent me a promotional CD. lol. I guess the UC had other priorities. Now, they are searching for money. Each student means money from the state because students do not like private organizations to help them with school. It is against their principles. It is a genius way of saying, let mommy and daddy pay for it in a vague state tax plan. This way the kids always get back at their parents for making them do chores when they were young.