For a short time, you couldn’t walk anywhere on campus without the underlings of the Ultimate College Bowl voter registration drive tripping you up, wagging flyers under your nose, and generally being a big fat nuisance underfoot. Monopolizing real estate on Sproul Plaza, Sather Gate and North Gate, volunteers collared passers-by with the aim of getting them to register for the upcoming election. The dangled carrot? A free concert, given by Death Cab for Cutie on this very campus.

Last we checked, Berkeley was trailing UC Santa Barbara by a few hundred voters. In fact, we still are trailing UCSB by a few hundred voters, according to the Ultimate College Bowl website. But a new report from UCSB’s newspaper, the Daily Nexus, informs readers that it was all a terrible mistake, because UCSB didn’t win–Berkeley did.

It’s not that 10,499 voter registrations somehow managed to beat out 10,857 through some contractual loophole. It’s that the number is patently misleading. Via an extension of the voter registration period to one week after Nov. 4, our tally shot up by an additional 3,000 voters.

As it stands, Berkeley pulled in 12,392 voters, or 36.52 percent of its student body, while UCSB registered 11,353 voters, or 53.85 percent of its student population.

That means, fingers crossed, we can look forward to a free show from Death Cab–a sure score to shore up a campus dearth of concerts, an area where Superb has majestically underwhelmed this year (and let’s be honest–where hasn’t Superb underwhelmed this semester?) But calm your thrilling hearts–the UCSB report also notes that the free concert isn’t really free, requiring as it does tens of thousands of dollars in fees and financial accommodations.

UCSB still gets a free concert from Colin Meloy, lead singer of the Decemberists, for registering the highest percentage of their student body. Good on them.

Image Source: barackobamadotcom under Creative Commons
UCB Gives Concert to Berkeley [Daily Nexus]

huh? said:
Nov 15, 2008 at 3:53 pm

this post made no sense about how the numbers shot up and put Berkeley in first place. please get your facts straight before posting stuff.

adfadsf said:
Nov 16, 2008 at 10:22 am

answer = “Via an extension of the voter registration period to one week after Nov. 4, our tally shot up by an additional 3,000 votes.”-daily clog

i’m quoting the daily clog on the daily clog! woo!!

Rebecca said:
Nov 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm