While many were hypothetically concerned with metaphorically sawing the allegorical tree on Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents was deciding on whether to chop the university-wide student body by 10,000 (or some other high number, probably in the thousands). Literally.

That the regents’ 8-2 vote to “send a message” to state legislators warning of the “possible” enrollment cut happens now should come as no surprise, especially given “the” current financial situation: Nobody has any money. Nobody.

But whenever a nontrivial decision has to be made, there will probably be dissenters. In this case, it comes with the affected parties in mind: poorer applicants and underrepresented minorities, according to regent Eddie Island.

What a sticky-icky situation.

Image Source: crimfants under Creative Commons
Without More Funding, UC May Cut Enrollment [Daily Cal]

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