UC Berkeley professor Christina Romer was announced yesterday to be the head of the President-elect’s Council of Economic Advisors. Romer is credited for her skillz in the Great Depression, a trait which Obama believes will help our country in this time of economic uh-oh’s.

Did we mention that this Team Obama add-on is a package deal? Romer’s husband, David, will be in this for the long haul as well. They are both economics professors at UC Berkeley, both specialize in monetary policy, and have also both taught here for 20 years. And now they will be serving their country at Obama’s side … it’s like every romantic fairy tale come true!

Seems it was not too long ago that we heard of UC Berkeley professors being awesome for the Man of the Hour (oh yeah, it wasn’t), but what can we say? UC Berkeley just keeps crankin’ em out.

Image Source: brokentrinkets under Creative Commons, edited by April Isabel Angeles
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