The fact that we’ve been getting more and more student questionnaires via email asking us about our trends in suicidal thoughts has been mildly unsettling, but it may just be Tang looking out for us. They’re upping their services in response to increased counseling service visits per year (now more than 14,500). They’re also just in time for finals (the season of stressing) and winter (also not so good).

So if you’re feeling the gray hairs growing out, the worry wrinkles settling in or the blood pressure climbing off the charts, drop in on the Tang Center and find a peer or professional–whatever you’re into. Apparently, taking care of your mental health is the cool thing to do nowadays.

On a more serious note, if you need help, talk to someone. Anyone. It’ll be worth your time.

Image Source: Hamed Saber under Creative Commons
Tang Center Increases On-Campus Presence of Counseling Services [Daily Cal]

dumb adn dumber said:
Dec 1, 2008 at 11:00 pm

Yes, I do see gray hairs. should I be concerned?