laughing_marxQuotes from the Field are real quotes overheard by the Clog on and around campus. And if you’ve heard something interesting today, feel free to comment the love.

“When I say A, I write B and I mean C.”

This is probably true for more than just philosophy professors, but not everyone has the gumption to admit it.

“What’s the answer then?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, the hell with you.”

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Today on “Trivial Things People Care About And Probably Shouldn’t,” we look at opposition to a proposed city ordinance attempting to give religious organizations the right to keep cremated human remains on their property. Pretty silly, huh? Well, maybe not.

The opposition, led by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, argues the law would essentially deny a right to the nonreligious, and thus be promoting religion in general. But the ashes of dead people? Well, yeah.

Berkeley does not allow mausoleums, graveyards or crematoriums within city limits due to possible health hazards—meaning, of course, the coming Zombiepocalypse.

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So a senator and a Judicial Council member walk into the ASUC Senate Chambers. Sound like the beginning of a bad joke? Well, it is.

Within the last few days, about a bajillion (not to be confused with Brazillion, which is how many taste units Brazil Cafe can get up to) things happened with Recall Mania 2009, as we’re officially* calling it.

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We'll CLAW our way to the top.OK, so at spot numero 48, we’re hardly the Blair Waldorf of U.S. News and World Report’s “Most Popular Colleges” list, but the point is we made it–and Berkeley’s ahead of UCLA, Cal Tech and about a hundred other national universities. Oh, and did we mention we’re also a good page jump ahead of the University of Southern California?

Guess money really can’t buy you lov–Um … hey, what’s up, list-topper Harvard and fourth most popular Stanford? Want to set your solid gold lunch trays down at our cafeteria table? Nah, you can take our last Nutter Butter. It’s not like they’re our FAVORITES. But now that you’re here, can we come to your party on Saturday? We hear it’s going to be off the heezy and all your, like, totally rich alumni are going to be there, and stuff … Ahem. Cough. Sonotbitter! Cough. read more »

Grin and BEAR it.
This time it’s not about the controversial Panda said to be migrating into Lower Sproul sometime in the imminent future, although it does have to do with  sacrificing Berkeley’s small business bent for more commercial, money-generating chains.

This time, the bear in question is the Bear’s Lair, currently home to a host of small businesses like Healthy Heavenly Foods, Taqueria El Tacontento and The Coffee Spot, which operate on month-to-month agreements with the ASUC Store Operations Board and have been there for over two decades.

The board, which manages the food court, decided in December that they’re now going to open up the Lair for bidding by other restaurants with the goals of  ”meeting green business requirements, renovating the food court and employing students. ” Sounds like the same argument used to introduce a certain other foreign species to Lower Sproul. read more »

You may take our lives but you’ll never take our chocolate! Hershey, which bought Scharffen Berger back in 2005, will close its Berkeley and San Francisco locations. But … but … what about our Peet’s Scharffen Berger Mocha Freddos?!

Hershey will still produce Scharffen Berger chocolates, but just not here. If you still want to get your SB fix, you’ll have to deal with the guilt of having your chocolate shipped halfway across the country from Illinois. Now we’re all poopy diapers.

Image Source: tidefan under Creative Commons
Scharffen Berger, Schmidt plants to be closed [Chron]
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40951465_715ff45902This may come to no surprise for those of you who’ve ever walked home from a party by yourself past People’s Park when some unsuspecting gentleman exclaims “Daaayum girl, you’ve got some fine ankles!” Or maybe you’ve tried to silently weave through the sleeping quarters (a.k.a. the sidewalk) of snoring residents while tipsy: the People’s Park sobriety test.

Or perhaps you’ve tried to offer an unopened loaf of bread (name brand, we might add) only to be scoffed at and asked, “what am I supposed to do with that?” Our point is that People’s Park is not the kind of place you’d take your kids to play on the jungle gym or have a picnic, and the people who call it “home, sweet park” are not exactly ideal neighbors.

Just ask one Hillegass Avenue resident who recently confronted several People’s Parkians about their abandoned belongings on the sidewalk. The guy was reportedly pushed to the ground and then sprayed with his own hose in a brawl, last Wednesday, that we can only imagine was quite unpleasantly scented. Takeaway message: those creepers in the park that compliment your ankles late at night really are creepy.

Image Source: mary hodder under Creative Commons
Residents, Homeless Try To Coexist by People’s Park [Daily Cal]

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For today’s Daily Cal column on queer porn, I interviewed Syd Blakovich (also known as Shawn), who is involved in the local porn scene both on and off camera. She performs for and Pink and White Productions and co-produces for Pink and White too. In her free time, she also trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

Her most recent full-length porn, “Champion,” came out in December, so I thought it fitting to talk to her about what’s going on in the world of porn.

Christine Borden: So what exactly is queer porn?

Syd Blakovich: Big question. Queer for me is kind of like an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of genders and sexualities. read more »


But it’s probably not what you think. A study published by Berkeley researchers found out exactly how much temperatures have been changing outside of the tropics: 1.7 degrees during summers and 3.2 degrees during winters, all over a half-century interval.

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A new house in North Berkeley is to be the Superman of Bay Area houses, with the low, low asking price of $1,980,000. It’s novelty is in its sustainability, from its energy-saving solar panels to its retrofitted design, built to outlast The Big One. On top of all that, this not-so-humble abode is supposed to be quite a looker, built in a “high Italian” style.

We wonder if the future owner of Wonder House will enjoy living in lavish style when they are the last living person in California in the era of post-Mother of All Earthquakes. Time will tell.

Image Source: ewen and donabel under Creative Commons
A pricey house in north Berkeley is built to last [SF Chron]

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