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Breaking: Oak Grove Hid No Artifacts

Posted By Evante Garza-Licudine On Jan 9, 2009 @ 2:16 am In News | Comments Disabled


Native American artifacts were not found by William Self Associates, Inc., which released a report [1] yesterday detailing their investigation [2] of the future site for the Student Athlete High Performance Center.

Those not in the loop should know one of the many arguments against building on the grove [3] was its possible status and eventual desecration as a Native American burial ground should the center be built on top of existing Native American remains.

But a testing program was implemented that entailed drilling 31 holes in key areas of the grove, 20 of which went to a depth of 35 feet. Among the 31 samples collected, two held “historic-era” pieces of brick, charcoal, coal and ceramics, while most of the samples held fill material from Memorial Stadium’s original 1923 construction.

Even though the dig found nothing of note, it does urge consideration of the area as archaeologically sensitive and recommends monitoring the site.

Suitably, a representative of the Ohlone tribe was on-site during the project to make sure any artifacts found were treated in accordance with tribal law and traditions.

Image Source: Kanaka’s Paradise Life [4] under Creative Commons
Archaeological study complete at athletic facility construction site [NewsCenter [2]]

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