Work it, gurrl!Alice Waters, you’re our hero … Or are you?

Not only did Berkeley’s most famously awesome foodie raise some major cash-monies for Washington charity organizations by cooking up (presumably) delicious noms for some D.C. do-gooders–er, eat-gooders, in any case–but she also kinda, maybe saved-ish someone from choking.

“How exactly does one kinda, maybe save-ish someone?” you ask. Simple, really. You see someone who is choking (in this case, cookbook author Joan Nathan) and then you go find someone (in this case, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio) who knows the Heimlich maneuver and then they save the choking person. Now, before you start weighing the woman down with mental (or actual) medals of honor, you may want to consider an interesting point that one SFist commenter phrased perhaps a bit more bluntly than we would have:

“Let me get this straight. Alice Waters has owned a restaurant for like the last 200 years and she has never learned the Heimlich Maneuver. Is she retarded?”

Fair point–but, then again, the woman had people begging to pay $500 for her dinner, so she must be doing something right. Anyway, in another Alice Waters-bashing twist to this semi-ongoing saga, Eater SF posted about celebrity chef-gone-foul-mouthed-rogue Anthony Bourdain’s interview with DCist in which he said,

“Alice Waters annoys the living shit out of me … There’s something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters that has become unrealistic.”

Um … yikes? Fortunately, SFist came to our green lady’s defense (ish) yesterday with another post on the situation. So, maybe we can look forward to an retaliatory interview with Waters on DCist’s West coast counterpart? Eh, we’re leaning on the side of “nope.” But, hey, what do you think? Team Waters or Bourdain? Or is this whole hullabaloo too blog-cestuous for general interest, anyhow? Hm. We’re going to go ponder this and other important life questions over some day-old Thai Basil right now …

*See what we did there? Mouthwatering? Because her name’s Alice Waters? No, no! Don’t cry! It wasn’t that bad, was it?

Image Source: Neeta Lind under Creative Commons
Berkeley Chef Takes Part in D.C. Dining Benefit [Daily Cal]

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